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  • Learning Gutenberg
    Learning Gutenberg

    You’re probably aware that most websites now use the WordPress platform to run and maintain their websites.Recently WordPress made a major overhaul of their editor. It went from the Classic Editor to what they have coined as the Gutenberg Editor.This specific training course was designed to help you understand how to use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor in more depth, even if you are a newbie.You’ll find the editing experience to be much more enjoyable and productive.Topics covered:Introduction to Gutenberg Quick Overview of User InterfaceUnderstanding the Types of BlocksUsing the SidebarCommon BlocksFormatting BlocksLayout ElementsNot Ready For Gutenberg?More Editor Options

  • Website Creation and Design
    Website Creation and Design

    How to Choose the Best Website Design for Your Business:Whether your business has been established offline for years or whether it is a new business altogether, the design of your website must coincide with your overall brand image and sales goals.Evaluate the Purpose of your Website:The first obstacle in determining your website design is to evaluate its purpose. If you are a retail business, you most likely will need a shopping cart feature. However, if you are a consulting firm, you may only want to list your contact information or an application for service. Evaluating the purpose of your website will help determine the features you need and those you can live without.Determine the Complexity of your Site:Again, if your business sells many different kinds of widgets, then you will need a shopping cart. If your widgets are self-explanatory, (i.e. impulse items), then perhaps you simply need a page for each category of widget. The page can list each item, a short desc, and a link to add it to the customer’s shopping cart.However, if your business is selling widgets which need more explanation, perhaps bigger ticket items, then you might need a single page for each widget. You may even need several pages for each widget’s specifications.If your business is informational services, for example consulting, then perhaps your site can remain fairly simple. There is no need for a shopping cart of hundreds of pages showcasing each item. You may have a few different consulting packages, information on each, a sales letter, a contact us page, and about us page, and a home page. Perhaps a testimonial page for added persuasion. Although it may contain a significant amount of text, this would be a fairly simple website design compared to other businesses. Choose a Theme If you don’t already have a brand image, logo, and colors, then you need to decide what your website will actually look like. When choosing a visual theme, be sure to make it match your business, but also try to make your site stand out from the crowd. For example, moving companies all tend to have a picture of a moving truck/van and a happy family next to a nice suburban house. That’s fine, if it in fact works to persuade your customers to buy. But also consider the power of standing apart from the crowd by presenting a more clever visual display on your website. It could work well to draw customers to your site.Design your Website:You are now ready to design your website! Use your chosen theme to create cohesion within your website, whether it has a simple or complex design. And of course, remember to always design with the intent to carry out the purpose of your website as it pertains to your business.

  • Kickstart Genesis Framework WP Theme
    Kickstart Genesis Framework WP Theme

    Build an Amazing Website Using Kickstart Genesis Framework WordPress Theme!As of last year's statistics, 26% of websites all over the internet is powered by WordPress. That's a huge number and if you want to stand from the crowd, having a good design theme is a huge advantage to every website owners.The good news is that inside this product is an amazing Premium WordPress Theme that you can use today and to your customers. The theme is very easy to use and is mobile friendly so it fits to any mobile devices that your visitors are using.

  • Blog Operations
    Blog Operations

    Blogs have become an extremely popular marketing and promotion method!The fact that blogs have become an extremely popular marketing and promotion method is no surprise. Not when you consider the advantages they offer over the standard website. For one thing, if you use an independent online blogging service like Blogger.com ( http: //www.blogger.com ) you don’t need any web design or programming skills. You simply sign up for a free account, choose the template you want, and then begin posting content.And since these types of services are maintained on the owner’s server, there’s no need to acquire independent web hosting or domain names. Whether you operate one blog or several hundred, there’s no cost whatsoever.Another important advantage is being able to get your blog (and subsequently, future blog postings) indexed by search engines in a much shorter period of time. Just like any other website, you can also incorporate independent advertising in your blog template.Customized Google Adsense ads, for example, can be quickly and easily added to a Blogger website. You can also sell additional advertising space. These ads can either be placed throughout the overall content or established within designated areas of the template. Of course, the real money-making potential is the fact that you have a platform for including whatever information or promotions you choose. And the fact that blogs are already accepted as a personal announcement vehicle, they can be the perfect place to offer product testimonials and endorsements.

  • Writing Tips Made Easy
    Writing Tips Made Easy

    If you run a blog or website you understand the need for writing regular content. While this may sound easy, it is not always easy to come up with ideas of what to write about.Even then you need to know how to write a compelling blog post that will attract attention. When it comes to writing online there are a few differences which you must be aware of. Writing this type of content is different than writing a novel or non-fiction book.Inside this ebook you will find a compilation of 25 writing tips which have been designed to help you become a better writer. 

  • Marketing Site Template V50
    Marketing Site Template V50

    Minisite Template For Your Marketing Needs!If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or an online business owner, having a high-converting marketing minisite template to promote a product online is essential.The challenge is that if you are not good at doing web design then you might end up hiring someone else. And this may cause a lot of money.The good news is that inside this product is a marketing minisite template that you can use on your marketing campaigns.

  • Ultimate Niche Blueprint
    Ultimate Niche Blueprint

    If you’re interested in running a successful website or blog, then the ‘niche’ you choose at the start is one of the single most important decisions you will make.In fact, this one decision will impact everything from the design of your website, to the monetization options you choose, the type of content you create, and even the visitors you attract.This is THE essential course on niche marketing. You will discover the exact steps to become a top marketer in any niche and generate non-stop income streams on demand.

  • Marketing Site Template V1216
    Marketing Site Template V1216

    Make More Money Online Using this Marketing Site Template!If you are an affiliate marketer or online business owner, having a high-converting website that will turn your visitors into customers is advantageous to every entrepreneur.The thing is that if are not good at creating good web design, then you might end up to hire someone to do it for you for a higher cost which is not advisable for a startup.The good news is that inside this product is a package of website template that you can use for your own project and make lots of profits online.

  • 100 Advertising Design Methods
    100 Advertising Design Methods

    Advertising design methods for choosing profitable web site and advertising colors, textures, backgrounds, pictures, sounds and music!This ebook will give you 100 advertising design methods. You learn methods for choosing profitable web site and advertising colors, textures, backgrounds, pictures, sounds and music. They will help persuade people to visit, buy and take other beneficial actions.

  • Your First Website
    Your First Website

    Inside This Easy To Follow 5 Day Crash Course You Will Learn The Steps To Building Your First Website. Inside Each Lesson, you will receive valuable information that will help you: Learn simple yet effective methods that you can use to plan and build your first website. Understand how to build a website while avoiding common mistakes so you can get up and running quickly. How to build your website the right way from day one to get free traffic, leads, and sales.


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